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My Studio

My studio is actually my private collection space.
I love everything that’s in it!

It is already a hobby – looking for items that will be practical and comfortable to work with and at the same time will have a special and beautiful design.

I believe that the objects that surround me are my work partners but they also inspire me. That is why aesthetics is important for me, alongside usability.

The day I entered the world of making jewelry, I knew that it will be the thing I’ll do for the rest of my life. Therefore, I hurried to equip my workshop.

I was more than happy to find out that a jeweler named Michael, is selling all his and his father’s (who was also a jeweler) equipment that he brought from France.
That is how I got “new”, professional and quality equipment, that hides professional secrets that gathered threw  many years of jewelry making.

I photograph my jewelry myself.
I fell in love with the vintage world a few years ago. It gives me the opportunity to discover unique and amazing objects that I use as backgrounds for my jewelry. Vintage objects give me great inspiration when the camera is in my hands.

The shelves, hangs, display elements, and even the stationary in my studio were pedantry selected and even they have that something that caught my eye.


I invite you to take a closer look at my studio. I hope you will enjoy just as I do!

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