Gem Collection


The ancient elements and the gems are part of a collection that I nurture for many years.

I especially love gray rough Diamonds, gems slices, Sapphires, Tourmalines and opals.


When I go out to buy new gems, for me is like walking among market stalls:

I wander between the gems, I come near them to take a close look at the spectacular colors and shapes and I wait for the specific gem that will catch my eye and my heart.

I sharpen my senses and I let them lead me.

I choose the gems one by one, with full attention and I let my imagination fly in the magical and colorful world of gemstones.


Sometimes it takes minutes for me to know exactly how the new jewelry of the chosen stone will look like, and sometimes it takes months and even years until I choose the perfect design for it.


In this gallery I invite you to enter to the magical world of my gems collection.

You fell in love with a special gem? Let me know and I would love to discover together what will be its perfect jewelry.